Halfway There

The weeks continue to roll by and so do the track workouts. The tricky thing with track workouts at the moment though is schools are back in session. That means practices, games, fans etc. all milling around or watching from the bleachers. As confident as I may be, I am NOT going to be runningContinue reading “Halfway There”

Back in Lake Placid

With the kids in remote learning or hybrid or whatever we are calling it these days, one benefit is being able to escape for long weekends more often. So we packed up the crew and headed up to Training Camp North for a few days. The weather has been perfect for those that like itContinue reading “Back in Lake Placid”

What The Heart Wants

I have talked about heart rate zones a bit in the past so I won’t go into a gory description of them right now, but I would like to touch upon what your heart rate might be telling you. Before I do that though, if you don’t have a heart rate monitor, please get one.Continue reading “What The Heart Wants”

Back On Track

Yesterday was my first official track session in years. I knew it was coming, and have been looking forward to blowing the cobwebs off the track shoes. This is just one piece of the progressive build towards my sub five mile attempt in a few months, and I have to say I came away withContinue reading “Back On Track”

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