So I Turned 35

For the 9th time, but I think I finally am starting to get it. This year I will be stronger faster and smarter than 9 years ago, although I doubt I will act smarter. As a birthday present for myself, I am going to register for the USAT Long Course championships in Long Island inContinue reading “So I Turned 35”

Fixing My Cadence

For a long time the cadence sensor on my bike has had a dead battery. It never seemed very important to me to fix, because, well, I was getting the workouts done. Recently I had some extra energy laying around and changed out the battery to get my rig 100% operational. All the bells andContinue reading “Fixing My Cadence”


As I sit home with the family during our mandatory travel related quarantine, I’ve had a chance to think over some of the ways to keep the fitness going when you are away. Now, as a three sport fella, it isn’t always possible to get in all of the disciplines when you are away. InContinue reading “Traincationing”

Dieting is so fun.

Not really, but if I say it enough I may convince myself otherwise. Right now, I am officially about 40 days into my Weight Watchers ‘cleanse’. It has gone pretty well this year, and as of this morning I am down about 7 pounds from my starting point. I have done a ton of strengthContinue reading “Dieting is so fun.”

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