Judgement Time

There is nothing worse than setting the bar too high. Unrealistic expectations deliver defeat. All too often people are not honest with themselves. They think that because they are good at something they are good at everything. It is pretty common actually, especially with competitive athletes. I have seen people who have done a singleContinue reading “Judgement Time”

New Year New You

Who doesn’t love New Years? It is the ultimate reset button and boy do we need a reset this year. Personally, my approach to resets is slightly different, and I don’t wait for a magical day, I start now. In fact with so few parties and social gatherings, this may be the easiest time toContinue reading “New Year New You”

Let It Snow

I hate running in the rain. I especially hate running in cold rain. In an odd twist though, I love running in the snow. In fact snow is my preferred running surface believe it or not. It always seems so much calmer and more private when you are the only one out there. Less carsContinue reading “Let It Snow”

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