Make the Time

There are alot if people who will tell you they don’t have the time to workout. They are too busy to invest in themselves or their own happiness. These are the same people who will sit down in front of the TV for hours at a time day after day, idle and zoned out. TheContinue reading “Make the Time”

Time Check

Have you ever been impatient? Yeah, me too. After missing last weeks track session due to horrendous weather (35 degrees and raining buckets) I thought a one mile time trial would be fun and a good check in on where I am currently. The coach agreed, and so we setup Sunday to go for it.Continue reading “Time Check”

(Pain) Endurance

Endurance athletes are a special breed of people. We do things that most people can’t fathom, and we come out with a smile. We torture ourselves day in and day out. So it is fair to say that for some endurance is not just being able to make your muscles move for a period ofContinue reading “(Pain) Endurance”

Halfway There

The weeks continue to roll by and so do the track workouts. The tricky thing with track workouts at the moment though is schools are back in session. That means practices, games, fans etc. all milling around or watching from the bleachers. As confident as I may be, I am NOT going to be runningContinue reading “Halfway There”

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