A Trick to Run With Your Dog

I try to do things with the family as often as I can. I also try to get the dog out there so he can exercise too. Recently I took my son and the pooch for a run and figured out a way to keep everyone together.

The trick is simple, put the running leash on my son, and let the dog pull him along. It sounds very obvious, and now it is, but it had never dawned on me before.

Our dog loves to run, and quickly. In fact he will pull me along on a run if I don’t hold him back. My son also loves to run, but he doesn’t hold the same pace that I do when we go out together, although I suspect that is coming to an end sooner than later. By putting them together though, the dog gives my son the extra boost he needs to run at my speed, and everyone can stay together.

On our first go we did about 3 miles in the trails this way. Everyone worked just hard enough and I enjoyed the company. So from now on, when we want to go out together that’s how we do it.

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