New Sneaks

On my way up to Lake Placid, I knew I was in need of some new running shoes. I am a Asics Gel Kayano fella, but was in the market for something a bit more sturdy for trail running. Although the Asics do fine, I have had a few close calls with twisted ankles and lost traction.

Main street has a number of choices for the discerning shopper, but I went to Fallen Arch first. The store only allows two people in at a time, but there was no line and I was able to get in quickly. After looking at some of the display models, I asked for help and was sad to hear there was nothing in my size. After chatting with the store employee, he told me that the orders have not been consistent, and that they basically get what they get. So he wouldn’t be able to order anything custom for me.

Feeling a bit dejected, but knowing there were still a ton of options out there, I next checked out Blue Line Sporting Goods in Saranac Lake. This store has a ton of gear for fishing and hunting, but was light on the trail runners. Not a problem.

Back to the Lake Placid village and the steadfast EMS. This store delivered with a pair of Salomon Men’s XA Pro 3D trail running shoes. Score!

These shoes were exactly what I was looking for. They have a higher side to protect the ankle which is very important on the technical trails. The traction is fantastic, and I have been able to run on rocks and logs in the rain without issue. Another unexpected benefit is the protected toe box. Having broken toenails after kicking a rock during trail runs, this protection was welcomed. I have already accidentally kicked a rock during a run and knew it would have been very painful in the Kayanos.

The laces are a quick lace system that reminds me of my Burton snowboarding boots. It is a simple pull system with a clasp to keep things tight. Originally I was on the fence with these, but so far, I am impressed. They have stayed tight and feel very comfortable.

These shoes have also been good on the road, although I wouldn’t swap them with my Kayano’s if I was only going to be on the streets.

Overall I would recommend these for some serious trail adventures. They give you the confidence and all the control you need to tackle the hardest routes.

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