3 Big Goals Before Turkey Day

In the last few weeks since my training camp I have been looking for some interesting goals to push me outside of my comfort zone. Last year at this time I was still racing and getting ready for USAT Nat’s in Miami. Of course that is off for this year but that is no reason to relax. So I am setting 3 big goals to conquer before or maybe on Thanksgiving. The goals are all stretches but doable if I focus. Here they are:

Goal 1: One set of 25 clean non-kipping continous wide grip pullups. This is my strength goal. I have put in alot of strength training since March and think this is a good indicator of overall functional strength for me. I recently did a max set and was at 18. Another 7 may seem easy but there are alot of people who can’t even do 7 to begin with.

Goal 2: 120% of my FTP for 10 minutes on the bike. This will be difficult because it isn’t a set wattage. So no matter how strong I am it will scale and be just as hard. Biking has always been a struggle for me, but I have put in a ton of work this year and it is starting to show. I think this may be the easiest goal and if I try it early and can knock it out I may adjust upwards. These goals should not be possible to hit right now. So if I can do it I may expand the timing which will challenge me more than a higher percentage.

Goal 3: Sub 5 minute mile. This is the most interesting one for me. Having been a runner in high school and college I consider this my strength, but I have been focused on long course racing for several years now. As a fun challenge on New Year’s morning after a few hours of sleep (3?) I did a road mile near the house. I ran in the 5:30’s with no specific training or rest so I think I have it in me, but there is a big gap in that 30 seconds.

So there they are. Each will be hard and push me to some new limits. I hope to use these as a step to even better results and as a chance to work on things I have not tried in the past. And let’s be honest what else do we have to do these days

Goals are good. Writing them down is better. It keeps them front of mind and for many people creates almost a type of contract with themselves. I am also a huge believer in manifestation, and writing and repeating a goal is a key technique in generating results.

Goals are also personal. Some people will look at my goals and say, “Meh that’s it?” To others they may be on another planet. What my goals are based on is MY effort. How hard do I have to work, and how much time will I need to put in? My effort and your effort can be the same with different results. As Ray Lewis said, “Effort is between you and you.” Nobody else can judge your output and only you know when you are or are not putting 100%. I value effort over results. Every. Single. Time.

Timing these for Thanksgiving is a bit arbitrary but there has to be a line in the sand and I figure 3 months should be a good amount of time. I will keep myself honest and share the final results good or bad. But no matter the results there will be big gains to put in the fitness bank. With these even a loss is a win.

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