Tri Camp Starts!

Let’s get some. The first night was easier as everyone rolled in slowly from various loctions. We did a super easy shake out in the lake swimming about 30 minutes. A quick logistics discussion, and then headed our separate ways for some food and rest.

7a.m. comes quickly for a big day 2. The day started off with a longer swim in the lake, which was super calm compared to the evening before. It was nice to grab some feet for parts of the swim. It has been a long time since I have drafted on the swim, and it is nice to stay with someone that can swim faster than you. I have always underappreciated the swim draft until doing swim workouts in the pool with others. I would work hard as the leader and then draft swimming at what felt almost like a guilty pace, and the time would be essentially the same. So when I can draft behind someone better, I do.

After the swim we went out for an easier casual bike to loosen up the legs, and check out some of the scenery Lake Placid has to offer. And finally we turned the bike into a brick, which was excellent, and completed a small ‘triathlon’ before lunch. After the run, we had a quick bite, a chance to shower up, and regrouped about two hours later for the big workout of the day.

Time trail brick. This was an awesome bike segment that really let me push much harder than previously possible. I shaved a significant amount of time off of a solitary effort the week before, and even my Garmin congratulated me with a ‘Good Job’ badge. This was one of my first all out efforts this year, and it really was nice to open it up and see what I was capable of at a point in the year when I would have already had an Ironman in the bag and another one coming in a few weeks. Am I in shape for a full distance race right now, no. But can I put in a decent effort when I need to, yes. After knocking out the bike, there was a moderate trail run (in my spiffy new Solomon XA Pro 3d shoes). It was the second brick for the day, but it felt nice to stretch out the legs especially on the long downhill back to the parking area.

Afterwards I headed back to base camp to clean up, wash the bike, and relax. After a few nice IPA’s, some good take out, and a few sessions in the Normatec’s it was bed time. These were some awesome quality training blocks for sure. Can’t wait for what’s next.

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