New Year New You

Who doesn’t love New Years? It is the ultimate reset button and boy do we need a reset this year. Personally, my approach to resets is slightly different, and I don’t wait for a magical day, I start now. In fact with so few parties and social gatherings, this may be the easiest time to start right now. But let’s assume you just want to wait, no problem.

Let’s talk about January 1st onward. What will your year look like and how will you get there? The only way to accomplish anything substantive for yourself is to be intentional. I talk to so few people who know what that actually means or how effective it is. There are many resources that go deep into this idea, but I’ve always liked the phrase “Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve.” This means that what you visualize can and will materialize. Weight loss, yes. Financial gains, yes. Accomplishing a major athletic milestone, yes. But you have to be deliberate in what you are after and you have to focus on it with a white hot intensity. The more significant the intention, the more you have to focus your energy until you are fully engaged, consumed even, by getting to the goal. For those looking to get started a few ideas are to write down your goals, share them, and revisit them daily. Keep them front of mind, and be honest about what you will do in order to accomplish them. Just wanting something doesn’t make it happen, but wanting it and putting in actions to get there does.

With the ability to accomplish anything out of the way, you’ll need to set some goals. I have several that are still on the plate and some new ones. First up, I need to crack 5:00 in the mile. That has not gone away, and with the calf feeling better, it is time to get back over to the track. In fact, I run an annual mile time trial each year and have done it on New Year’s Day in the past. Seems like as good a time as any to see where I stand after a month of recovery. Pullups (20 in a set) and bike (FTP + 20% for 10 minutes) are also still on the to do list, but these feel like fun trinkets vs. the mile. In fact I am pretty sure I can do both of them today if I try.

Next goal, something my coach put out is to run everyday in January. Seems simple and easy enough, but it really isn’t. You need to focus on setting aside the time to get it done. Even for me, I work out 5-6 days a week on average, so finding that one more day will be a good challenge. But it points me in the right direction for a great run base, builds some good habits, and makes me better each day. So I am in.

Last one is a sub 10 performance at Ironman Lake Placid this Summer. This is a big stretch for me, but I think it is something I can do. In fact I know I can do it, the only thing standing in the way is me. The path to getting under 10 hours requires alot of time and energy. Sacrifices and pain. That white hot intensity, yeah, I need it for the next 7 months. The key here will be my bike and run combo. All of the work I do now is setting me up for success with that portion of the race. Strength training, lots of time in the saddle, and building the FTP up. This was supposed to be a 2020 goal and I still want it so it stays on the list. I want that podium spot the next morning with my family watching.

Some of the more common things like weight loss and my annual holidays detox are not going on the goals list but they will happen as a part of the other intentions. Weight is hard to keep when you ramp up training to 14 hours a week. Fueling poorly is also very hard when you are asking your body to perform at a high level. So for now, as I lay out the paths to success, those are supporting players not the stars.

There you have it, my goals for the year so far. Run more and faster. Train like a maniac and crack 10 in the Ironman. Focus on the good things, enjoy the road ahead, and get passed the 2020 dumpster fire.

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