On The Road Again

With triathlon season over, and Le Tour on TV, it is time to drag the old road bike back out. The weather this long weekend was picture perfect, and Saturday was a great day to put in a brick ride on Knight Rider (I call my road bike Knight Rider, yeah I grew up in the 80’s so what). Swap the wheels out, put a repair kit on, check air in the tires, and out the door for some fun.

I headed out for an easier loop around a local reservoir that has some great steady climbs. No major grunts, but enough to put some lead in the legs for a few minutes at a time. It was so nice to be upright on a bike and not feel guilty for giving up aero position. I really look forward to days when I don’t have to crush it and can just enjoy being outside and playing.

Getting back on the road bike is also a great transition for me. First off the bike is considerably lighter than my tri bike, generally more comfortable to ride, and just feels good taking aggressive turns and downhills. In my haste to get out the door though, I didn’t really give things a good once over. The bottle cage was very loose and my bike computer was dead. I did double check my repair kit though to make sure all the important bits were included: tube, air, tire levers, inflator, check.

The ride itself was a bit uneventful until about a mile from home when I looked back to check for traffic and noticed a bike was about 50 yards behind me. Bright light blinking away, someone had almost ridden up to my wheel. It. Is. On. It’s very funny how quickly a casual fun ride turns into a muscle train down Champs Elysee, but I wasn’t about to get caught let alone passed on my home turf. So I tried to casually saunter my way into a turn for home and put down a bunch more power. After holding steady for a few minutes, I took a quick glance back at a stop sign, and liked what I saw. Competitor vanquished. Back to soft pedaling the rest of the way to the house, about a mile or so.

As I pulled into the driveway and began pedaling back to HQ I looked down to the road, and there she was again, apparently just behind me steadily cranking away. I am not sure what impressed me more, the speed she managed, or her ninja like stealthiness. A nod of the cap regardless for the nudge to pick it up a bit more and let the competitive side out of the cage albeit only for a few minutes.

Once home I swapped the bike shoe velcro for laces and did an easy run. Nothing extreme. Saving that for the big run of the weekend.

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